About Logical

About Logical

Who are we?

Logical is a quality international home builder and developer with properties and projects in the international arena. Since 2011, Logical focuses on building in the most desirable and sought after areas in the metro area of Atlanta, GA.

Logical brings the expertise of it’s team and a vast experience of over 40 years in aggregate, both of which enable the company to build quality, state of the art functional properties with timeless and up to date designs that put our properties at the forefront of the building industry.

The financial background of it’s founder allows Logical to use its resources wisely and responsibly giving peace of mind to homebuyers as well as vendors and contractors.

Building Atlanta

Logical used it’s established experience and expertise together with its financial resources to quickly gain track record in the Atlanta metro by using experienced local business partners and recruiting key people with local experience and valuable knowledge and expertise.

Logical builds in different neighborhoods in the Atlanta Metro including Oakhurst, Midway Woods and Winnona Park in Decatur, Oak Grove school district, Virginia Highlands, Buckhead, Piedmont Heights, Emory area, Brookhaven and Ashford park, Kirkwood, East lake and is constantly looking for more and more projects.

Logical thrives not only to build an attractive and functional quality product, but equally important to ensure it’s clients have peace of mind when purchasing a Logical home.

Logical inspects it’s properties using independent third party inspection firms and grants an extensive builders home warranty by one of the leading home warranty companies in the industry.

The Logical way

Logical is a way of life, it is not just a company we work for, it is our philosophy to do things in a logically, in a way that makes sense to everyone who buys our properties, our business partners, whoever works with us and our employees who give the company it’s heart, soul and welcoming nature.

Contact us today! The investment process is composed of several stages, where the first steps can take several weeks. Therefore we recommend contacting us as soon as possible in order to be ready for investing when an identified project is due to begin.


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