Our Model

Our Model

Why Logical (or The Logical Factor)

Logical offers its investors the opportunity for a real partnership in every project it markets and develops.
When we offer you an investment in a property we invest our own equity together with you with full transparency.

At Logical we believe in in the potential of each and every project we develop.
Logical provides exceptional flexibility in building the investment route suitable for the investor’s needs and endeavors.

Our company has valuable experience in working in high demand areas Our team specializes in identifying quality properties with high potential for creating value.

Logical’s absolute advantage is in delivering high ROI on a quick turnaround.
Logical offers several flexible routes according to investors’ needs and endeavors.

The extent of the company’s participation in each project depends on the scope of the project.

Collective/Cooperative investment (Our popular route)

Logical enables investors to take part in an investment as a group.
Within this route, the company raises funds from several investors for collective investment in one or more properties. Logical also takes part in the investment group as an investor, sharing the opportunities and risks and creating mutual inherent interests in each project.

Preformed Group investment

This route offers a preformed group of investors the opportunity to either partner up with Logical to invest in our successful projects or invest alone using Logical’s expertise and dedicated services. The extent of investment is adapted to the group’s abilities and Logical’s share depends on the scope of the project.

Logical takes part as any other investor in the group and shares the opportunities and risks as any other investor in the group, thus creating mutual inherent interests in the venture and it’s success.

Independent Sole investment

This route is intended for investors who are interested in an independent sole investment and do not want Logical or anyone else as partners. Obviously, in this track Logical supplies the entire services as if it were investing as well.

Common interests for the success of the investment exist here as well, as the company concern is for continuity as well as expanding its business and the number of investors.

Contact us today! The investment process is composed of several stages, where the first steps can take several weeks. Therefore we recommend contacting us as soon as possible in order to be ready for investing when an identified project is due to begin.

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