Our Team

Our Team

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Gil Fast, CPA

Founder and Business Manager of Logical with over 20 years of experience in International Real Estate markets as well as International Financing. Gil uses his financial expertise with his vast experience in the real estate industry to lead Logical to success while maintaining a financially sound company that builds quality products providing peace of mind to homebuyers as well as vendors and contractors.

Gil has held senior positions as a CFO in leading real estate firms involved in billion dollars scope projects world wide and has extensive experience in raising funds, managing private investments, corporate and institutional real estate projects in the US.

Gil is a CPA and holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree, specializing in international financing and strategy.

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Sharon Fast

Founder and marketing manager, since 2010 Sharon is focusing on identifying interesting and challenging investments in real estate.

Sharon was working as a textile designer for many years and accumulated precious experience dealing with people in general and customers in particular.

Sharon brings her experience and special abilities to Logical working with investors and potential investors as well as prospecting, identifying, connecting and working closely with current and future investors. Since design is part of her soul, Sharon also contributes to the designs and selections of our properties.

Sharon holds a BSc degree in Textile & Apparel from Design and Textile school of De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. also wide knowledge in graphic design.



As the company’s VP and Executive Manager, Sharon is the heart and soul of the company’s day to day ongoings affairs and contributes greatly to its expansion and growth.

Sharon is responsible for managing the company’s operations and making sure the wheels are rolling. In addition to daily managerial tasks, Sharon checks out potential opportunities, enters into contracts and handles administrative needs and reports directly to the owners. Sharon gained priceless experiences her super managerial skills efficiently and productively.

Before joining Logical, Sharon served in various management positions in the Banking industry where she greatly succeeded and has always been an inspiration to colleagues and employees.

Logical engages various contractors for building the different projects where each is responsible for specific projects. Each contractor reports to the company’s General Manager and VP who in turn makes sure the work is carried out, assist in resolving problems and ensures the contractors have the required information of finishes such as materials, colors, etc for the completion of the projects.



Logical works with several realtor groups for marketing and selling it’s projects. The company engages realtors based on their areas of expertise, their knowledge of specific areas, their relations with the company and the commitment and attention they are able to demonstrate on each specific job.

Property marketing is influenced by many variables, some being objective and given while other are influenceable and this is where the role of the marketing agent comes to play. An agent’s knowledge of the market, the “competition”‘ history and forecasts can help influence the marketing strategy and in turn can influence the property’s visibility, presentation, attraction, appeal, etc. Logical works with highly regarded Realtor groups each belonging to a highly reputable offices like KW, Sotheby’s, Palmer House, Keller Knapp etc.

Logical’s unique business model keeps the realtors involved throughout the life of each project, making them an inherent part of the company. Our realtors “live” the market every second of the day and since they started working with logical their nights often become sleepless as well…


Attorneys – Closing Agents


Craig & Jonathan are associate attorneys specializing in real estate transactions with whom Logical has strategic business partnership. Logical has been working with Craig & Jonathan for some years primarily on processing the majority of its real estate transactions (closings) but also on the corporate side of the business.

Our company works with an accounting firm that handles the tax reporting requirements. The firm has extensive experience working with investors and the real estate market and can provide investors with tax advice and direction.




Contact us today! The investment process is composed of several stages, where the first steps can take several weeks. Therefore we recommend contacting us as soon as possible in order to be ready for investing when an identified project is due to begin.

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